Middle Kids at the Louisiana, 17th Oct

Upon first entering the Louisiana, I knew that this concert wasn’t going to disappoint. Coming from the Wiltshire countryside, the pub setting made me feel right at home. The small nature of the venue, and the friendly bar staff, created a personal feel to the concert, one of which I have yet to experience elsewhere.

As a lover of indie rock, I was eager to see a band such as Middle Kids in such a close and intimate location. With a drink in hand and excitement running through my veins, I walked up the stairs and entered a room with many likeminded music lovers. After intently waiting for a couple of minutes, and talking to fans around me, the members of the band nonchalantly walked through the crowd onto the stage. 

Instantly the lead singer, Hannah Cameron, voice filled the room. I was no longer standing among strangers, but rather a room full of friends. The band opened with their opening track on their album: Brought it. All eyes were glued to the stage, and the bopping and swaying of heads indicated that the crowd was encapsulated and in awe of the power the band possessed. 

After playing a couple more songs, all of which far exceeded my expectations, they stopped to speak to the audience. As previously said, the intimate nature of the venue made you feel although you were one of their friends. Their aussie accents shone through when bassist, Tim Fitz, informed the crowd that we were very polite and British, as there was yet to be any heckling. However, in true Bristol style, as soon as that was said, insults were thrown at the stage and the audience and band laughed in unison.

Despite there being mutual respect in the crowd prior to that interaction, this ultimately broke the ice and allowed everyone to fully let their hair down. Seeing ‘The Edge of Town’ live was possibly one the most memorable experiences of the night. Not only were Hannah’s vocals euphoric, but every word she sang, you just couldn’t help but want to listen to the next line. Moreover, the incredible electricity the rest of the band emitted was spellbinding, and the chemistry between all of the members shone through into their performance.  

middle kids

Another highlight of their set was the final song, which happens to the be closing on their album: ‘So Long Farewell I’m Gone’. This song has a beautiful build-up which conveys a strong coming of age tale. This song created an atmosphere like no other. During the second half of the song, the instrumental filled the room and ended the show on such an amazing note. This was possibly the best performance of the night, and up there with one of my favourite live music moments. Not only did this song show off Hannah’s powerful vocals, mirroring that of Tanya Donnelly and Ellie Roswell, but also showed off the hypnotic guitar strumming, captivating bass guitar and the rhythmic silvery drumming.

Middle Kids performance at the Louisiana was an unforgettable experience. The intimate venue, tied with four extremely talented individuals that have undeniable chemistry made this concert one that will be remembered for a long time.