DMA's at the Anson Rooms

The trio of friends making up the DMA’s produced for an electric and emotive show, which would have not been possible without the undeniable chemistry the three boys had for each other.

Opening the show was Rosborough. Although I had personally never heard his music, I was instantly captivated by the immense talent this singer possessed. As soon as he left the stage, found him on Spotify and saved all his songs, which I would encourage you to do also.

After the supporting act, the sea of flannel shirts and beanies patiently waited for the DMA’s to start performing. Their forbearing natures lasted 3 minutes before there were chants and singing conveying the crowd’s restlessness. Then the magic started.

Starting with ‘Dawning’, a song from their most recent album, one could instantly observe the enjoyment from not only the crowd, but also the band themselves. Tommy O’Dell’s vocals are unlike any other, and the instrumental played by Matthew Mason and Johnny Took shined through to produce an incredibly enthralling performance.

‘Step Up the Morphine’, which is possibly the DMA’s most popular song, further enhanced the musical connection between all the people present in the Anson Rooms. There is something mystical and transcendent about attending a concert of a band you have admired and listened to for so long. ‘Step Up the Morphine’ created a euphoric presence that captured the crowd, resulting in passionate, yet somewhat out of key singing from the audience.

Despite the whole show being an unforgettable experience, the song stood out the most for me was Delete. It felt although every single person in the crowd, regardless of age, gender, sexuality and everything and anything in-between, had some kind of personal connection to this song. I do not believe I have ever witnessed something as spellbindingly beautiful as when the whole crowd sang in unison, and for this, I thank-you DMA’s.

Overall, this show was incredible. I not only fell in love with the DMA’s, but also with their fans. This is the first DMA show I have attended, and I hope to attend more in the future.

By Abby O’Donnell