Raleigh Ritchie at SWX, November 30

A homecoming for Jacob Anderson, Bristol’s global superstar who decided to pop in to his home town on the eve of his trip stateside.

Presenting his musical alter-ego Raleigh Ritchie, Anderson packs out SWX to showcase his two summer releases as well as his well-known work from the 2016 album You’re a Man Now, Boy. Despite finding stardom through his portrayal of George R. R. Martin’s Grey Worm, the singer emphasised how much he treasured the return to the city he spent the first 17 years of his life in.

A packed venue welcomed his arrival to the stage with clamour and applause, but it wasn’t until he introduced the delightfully recognisable first chords of ‘Cowards’ that the audience really warmed up to his set, his watching fans roared his lyrics back to him and they continued to for the rest of his set. Anderson added a level of sincerity and warmth to his performance with thoughtful interjections and spontaneous conversation with his crowd throughout.

He was well supported by a live band and backing singers and presented the ensemble as part of his act. Dressed in all black, the artist often created a silhouette in front of the pink hue created by his impressive production. Anderson jumped about the stage with an air of passion and enthusiasm for both his music and his company that evening, the crowd would’ve most likely returned the favour if not crammed in so tightly in front of him.

He ended the night with the eagerly anticipated fan favourite ‘Bloodsport ’15’ which ensured a joyful climax to the concert. Despite the usual limitations of SWX as a gig venue the experience provided by the act Raleigh Ritchie was both musically impressive and atmospherically astounding.