Bad Sounds at SWX, October 26 2018

Lights dimmed, crowd thrumming.

A small single light bulb is the only visible dressing, the centre of focus while a meditative, almost whimsical voice chants out the doctrine in which Bad Sounds’ new era was born. This monologue built tension and anticipation after which ‘Be Better’ it boomed, and it can’t be denied, that’s exactly what Bad Sounds have done.

I don’t know if it’s being on home soil or simply the joy of their recent successes, but boiler suited- up and yellow beanie- donned they split light, confidence and extrapolative tones into the audience. Outrageously fizzing with joy and thick riffs, they erupted from the serenity of spoken word into ‘Wages’, and I won’t lie, the experience wasn’t dissimilar to being at Notting Hill carnival surrounded by your mates. Trumpets and bass oozed through the place, complimenting the visual feast Bad Sounds creates.

It wasn’t until later on (approximately 3 confetti canons, a balloon drop and a costume change later) they introduced their older tracks, transitioning towards the softer and more melodic tones that gravitate towards early 80’s riffs, much as ‘Thomas is a Killer’ creating an oozy and nostalgic haze over the crowd, bathing in the audible translation of dust in sunlight.

Ending with the not-so-classic ‘No Luck’, it seemed a slight disparity to what traditionally closing tracks entail, and left the crowd wanting more, which ultimately, I assume is the goal. However with its predecessor being that of ‘Avalanche’, it seemed a somewhat melancholic choice, but its still safe to say, Bad Sounds, I left better for sure.