Sylvan Esso at SWX, 7th November

George Eaton reviews Sylvan Esso

Sylvan Esso.jpg

Wednesday night saw the American Indie pop duo, Sylvan Esso, take to the stage at a sold out SWX. And what a performance! An almost entirely back lit set created a hazy silhouette of Amelia, (lead singer) gliding around the stage while Nick (DJ) bounced and bopped creating the pair’s distinctive beats. There was a clear bond between the pair that transcended into the crowd. 

We got what we expected, a slick performance to please the fans. It wasn’t anything radical but I suppose no one wanted guitar smashing. The duo moved swiftly through their set list playing their hits, ‘Coffee’ and then ‘Die Young’ that clearly created excitement from the front and a little gentle swaying at the back. What makes this band so popular seems to be their universally likeable sound that is tricky to compare to anything else. Nick’s synths and Amelia’s dream like voice gave combine to create a sound that appeals mostly to the middle aged audience. Nevertheless, the performance was still very much enjoyable. 

It did feel a little odd being in SWX at 8:00 with a crowd older than usual but of course, the music was the focus! And while I did enjoy the energy and genuinely groovy beats from the duo, all was lost when an oldie took a photo that only captured a bald patch in front. Perhaps people should be ID’d to be over 26 too? Being ageist aside, Sylvan Esso created a mesmerising show that is certainly not to be missed in the future.