Russia and Syria airstrikes


In a statement made earlier this week, the Russian defence minister, Sergei Shoigu, has said Russia have restarted their offensive against Islamic State.

This offensive has taken the form of missile strikes in Syria. The missiles and jets are currently flying from the Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier, which made a highly publicised trip from Russia to Syria last month.

In his statement, Mr. Shoigu did not mention Aleppo, where Russian bombing has been particularly prevalent.

Aleppo is currently divided into East and West. The Western, so called New Aleppo, is currently held by the Syrian government. The Easten side, from the citadel to the airport, is held by the rebels. Apart from governmental forces and the insurgents, within Aleppo there are also believed to be upwards of 200,000 trapped civilians.

It is currently understood that there is no Islamic State presence within Aleppo and this has lead the international community to question Russian’s motives. It has been suspected that Russia are using the offensive Islamic State as a scape goat to bomb those Syrians who oppose the rule of Assad. It seems Russian aggression has little opposition.

Despite concerns raised by the International community, Russian airstrikes have destroyed the last operating hospital in eastern Aleppo last Saturday. This has resulted in up to 250,000 residents without access to surgery or specialist care, and rebel-held districts at the point of collapse. Another four hospitals were hit and forced to close over the last month, before the Omar bin Abdul Aziz facility was struck this week, capping the most deadly day yet for the medical system in Syria’s second city.

It seems despite the international outcry, little will prevent Russia from assisting Assad. Despite Mr. Shoigu’s insistence Islamic State is the main target, it seems Russia are hellbent on targeting Syrian Rebels, Eastern Civilians, and the truth.